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  • BrandPost: Introducing BI & Data Trends 2021 – “The Great Digital Switch” October 26, 2020
    Big, sustainable themes have come out of our annual trends reports, such as “data literacy,” “de-silofication of data,” “postmodern analytics,” and most recently, “analysis is no longer enough.” Last year, our argument was that in a fragmented world, you need synthesis AND analysis. If that’s in place, you can be more strategic, innovate and navigate […]
  • BrandPost: IT’s New Normal October 26, 2020
    Pandemic-imposed imperatives have forced businesses to compress years’ worth of digital transformation to just months. Top of the list for transformation has been enabling teams to work effectively from home while shoring up cloud infrastructure and security.Those observations were certainly born out in an IDG TechTALK on Twitter on October 15, sponsored by Tanium.Gene De […]
  • BrandPost: The Show Must Go On October 26, 2020
    “The Show Must Go On …” was the message by Freddie Mercury (Queen) in 1991 despite his personal health fight. This phrase was used in the circus world during accidents; if an artist was attacked by an animal or injured in a performance, the other artists entered the scene and tried to cover up the […]
  • 7 IT silver linings of the pandemic October 26, 2020
    Mihail Strusievici has been building business agility into Colliers International for the past four years — upgrading its tools, platforms and frameworks to deliver IT quickly, a big change for what traditionally had been the slowest part of corporate IT. So when the coronavirus pandemic hit in early spring, and the entire organization had to […]
  • Aspen Skiing Co. counts on change management for contactless experience October 26, 2020
    The coronavirus pandemic has raised the functionality factor for mobile software, as some fear-filled customers shy away from brands they perceive as not having their social-distancing concerns at heart by providing a digital equivalent for every touchpoint. Woe to the company that can’t create an end-to-end contactless user experience that is seamless, convenient, and — […]
  • BrandPost: Conquering hidden challenges of scale October 23, 2020
    Dealing with scale is a multi-dimensional challenge and, if you’re not careful, it may feel like you’re battling a multi-headed monster. Just when you think you’ve solved scale by having a way to store large amounts of data, another problem pops up. Solving issues created by large-scale systems is like facing the mythical creature Hydra – […]
  • BrandPost: How Microservice Architecture Is Transforming Human Capital Management October 23, 2020
    If ever there has been a need to adapt, 2020 has let it be known that this is the year. COVID-19 has brought about all kinds of workplace changes, from remote work with video meetings to temporary layoffs. It may seem like just another buzzword, but microservices can help human capital management (HCM) systems face […]
  • How to negotiate a job offer October 23, 2020
    Congratulations! You got a sweet job offer. You are considering upending your life to make a big change. But before you do that, take a closer look at that offer. Is it everything you want?To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: The New 3 Rs: Respond, Recover, and Reimagine to Accelerate Digital Transformation October 22, 2020
    The global COVID-19 pandemic has clearly changed our world. It has forced everyone to work or study at home to avoid infection. Government agencies are now operating almost exclusively online, schools from grade school up to higher education are conducting classes remotely, cities have turned convention centers and dormitories into hospitals, and lines at food […]
  • BrandPost: 2 Critical Factors in Achieving Agility: Culture and Technology October 22, 2020
    The path to agility often runs directly through the CIO’s office. Responsible for digital projects that grow competitiveness, as well as driving the organization’s transition to enterprise-wide agility, CIOs must adopt change within their departments and help the business become an agile enterprise.To achieve these goals, CIOs must facilitate both an agile culture and agile […]